Welcome to Goods of the Woods.  The following pages show our products and give you contacts for purchasing these unique fireplace accessories.

We are glad you found us and hope this information answers your questions.  If you need further help call our home office at 615-353-7832 or email to tedrbebe@bellsouth.net.

COLOR CONES      Pine cones treated to burn with blue and green colors in all wood burning fires, including fireplaces, campfires, fire pits and chimenas.

FATWOOD   Natural pine sticks very rich in resin.  Easily lights your fire in a completely natural manner.

CONE STARTERS   Pine cone set into a wax/sawdust base with an easy to light wick,  Use to start any wood fire.

SCENTED CONES   Pine cones with either cinnamon or pine oils applied to give delightful and long lasting fragrance.

LOG CARRIERS  Heavy duck material in natural, green or burgundy color with black nylon handles.

STOCKING HOLDERS   Heavy solid brass holders for your mantle that have unique design to keep them safely on the mantle even with heavy stockings.

HEARTH RUGS  Over 100 different hearth rugs all the way from our exclusive fiberglass Guardian hearth rugs, 100% wool rugs, synthetic fibers including nylon, olefin and polypropylene.  Available in 4 ft 1/2 round, 5 ft 1/2 round and 6t ft 1/2 round shapes.  All rugs meet CPSC FF 1-70 flammability test.

GRILL MATS    New flexible mats that are used under both charcoal and gas grills to protect decks, patios and pavers from embers, sparks, drips and spills.  Fiberglass core with high temperature silicone rubber top and bottom.  Easily cleaned, lays flat, easily rolled up to store and does not absorb grease at all.  Comes in round and rectangular shapes in three colors; black, brown and green.

FIREPIT MAT  New item available fall of 2013.  42" diameter round mat made of two layers of reinforced aluminum foil with fiberglass insulation in the middle.  Use on wood decks under firepits following all safety requirements.  DO NOT USE ON COMPOSITE WOOD DECKS>

Please contact the following distributors in your area for any of our products:

Fireside Distributors Inc, 4013 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604  phone 919-872-4439

Associated Energy Systems, 8621 South 180th, Kent, WA 98032  phone 425-251-3901

Northeast Distribution LTD, 11 Commerce Way, Exeter, NH 03833  phone 603-772-0955

L E Klein Co, 1020 Hayden Dr, Carrollton, TX 75006  phone 800-251-0073

Copperfield Chimney Supply, 304 South 20th St, Fairfield, IA 52556  phone 641-472-4126